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Carbon Neutral
Free Range
Quality Australian Meat

Australian raised, Arcadian meat is 100% certified carbon neutral and free range.

We produce the highest quality natural meat with high animal welfare standards, care for the environment and a free range philosophy.


✓  Certified Carbon Neutral

✓  Free Range

✓  High Animal Welfare

✓  No added hormones

✓  No antibiotics

✓  Raised in Australia

Our Philosophy

Arcadian always maintains its commitment to the values of Australian farming, the wellbeing of future generations and supplying premium quality natural meat. All our animals are raised on Australian pastures, free to roam and never confined. Established in 2003, Arcadian brings the highest standards of ethical meat production.

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Arcadian is proudly part of Hewitt Foods. At Hewitt our mission is to be the world’s most sustainable meat producer while relentlessly pursuing our stated purpose to “feed the world with a system that lasts forever”. Find out more about Hewitt Foods.